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24.12.2007      text: Martin

Aaaargh… Finally we have got here a new album from the mighty cult lunatics of BLOOD DUSTER after a longer time that is released at Obscene Production surprisingly. And the Australians did not scrimp but served us directly a double CD bringing a big portion of great music full of rock´n ´roll parts and grinding mosh. We asked the most appropriate person the bass player Jason Fuller for a short chat over this new record of theirs.

Your new album "Lyden Na" is a double CD. When and why did you decide for this solution? An obvious reason was to split the rock and grind parts of the new material. Am I mistaken?

The idea was to show that blood duster has split personalities. And this seemed the best way to do it. We only will do this once though as I think blood duster works better when it is mixed. We dont want to do the same thing over and over though so the next will be really different again. We may go emo on the next record... ha.

Do you think this stylishly precise devision between grind core and rock'n'roll is a good thing for Blood Duster? It is a bit of an unusual thing for a regular album. What are the reactions so far?

The reactions have been really good in australia, I don't know about overseas as I don't keep as good of an eye on things as I probably should. And I do agree it is an unusual thing to do, that is why we did it, we don't want to be a normal band.

The first disc shows the rock face of BD. Can it be understood in the way that this sound is preferred to the traditional grind core sound of the band?

No, its just that we thought it worked better that way, no reason to put either first. The next record will be 100% brutal old school duster that will surprise a lot of people I think. I want to make the most aggressive album ever... I still dont think we have come close to delivering that album from ourselves.

The album has a great comics cover? I do not presume it should have any deeper meaning. Am I wrong?

Cripple Bastards

It is supposed to portray traditional metal killing the trendy new emo scene. As represented by the goat rising from below and crushing trendy haircut skulls. We are totally against all this "scene" shit.... any scene for that matter, too many bands try to fit into a scene and are scared to do anything a little different. It creates a world of soundalikes where really creative bands get hidden because everyone wants to sound like whatever is "cool" at the time. The underground needs to nurture more freak bands.

What got you to release it at Obscene? BLOOD DUSTER is after all a well-known band and that is why the decision to release at such a small label from CZ is surprising.... Do you think Obscene is a good option for your new album?

Well Curby from obscene toured us when none of our "bigger" labels would, he put his own money and time into helping us when everyone else just took money from us without concern for anything we did, so it seemed natural to offer him the new album. We knew with him the distro may have been smaller but we get to tour, put out records, have fun and do what we want to do. I can tell you right now that some bigger labels treat their bands like absolute shit, they have no interest in the underground and are really morally corrupt people who will just take from you with no regard to seeing that you get a single thing. This is a disturbing trend in the scene where these labels are looked up to and if you complain about them people think you should feel proud to even be on the "label" where you can have your work stolen. People are starting to think "labels" are cool, I can tell you the "bands" make the label not the other way around, people need to stop being sheep. I can tell you it is no fun to be in this position... Obscene on the other hand have a good rep and don't give a fuck about trends, although he does listen to "Ace of Base".

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