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DISFEAR: Misanthropic
Humanists Living The Storm
30.01.08 · text: Ada, Sobi & Martin · pics: Tom
Swedish Hard-core Crust misanthropics DISFEAR are just releasing their long-awaited album Live The Storm on Relapse Records this month. With the massive down-tuned guitar sound and Motorhead-like drive, the new material proves the quality of its title just by the music alone. Adolf had spoken to the ex-frontman of At The Gates TOMAS LINDBERG before DISFEAR entered the stage to perform theit breath-taking show in the Czech Republic.     ...the whole interview

The Grind Songs of Black Days
30.01.08 · text: Martin & Sobi · pics: Afgrund, Tom, Disbeatless
Yet less than a year ago the name of this band would elicit just an uncomprehending countenance on my face. However, several months later I utter the name of AFGRUND with an appropriate respect. There can be no question of any overvaluation. The band managed to play at the prestigious OEF and release a great debut album „Svarta Dagar“ full of dark grind core pulsating in the intentions of crust. This year they will even perform at the Maryland Death Fest     ...the whole interview

Raging Grind Bastards
Cripple Bastards
24.12.07 · text: Martin & Sobi · pics: CB
Though we said to ourselves we will not do any further interviews until we have eliminated all the arrears from our editor`s drawer I had no other choice after having watched the lately released double DVD „Blackmails and Assholism“ from the Italian CRIPPLE BASTARDS but ask the frontman of the band Gulio The Bastard for an interview. And hope also we will be able to publish the interview as long as this unbelievably elaborate DVD is still up-to-date…    ...the whole interview.

Non-stop Grinding Monster
Rotten Sound04.06.07 · text: Ada · pics: T.Isoaho, K.T.Ekstrom
The latest studio recording released through the mini CD CONSUME TO CONTAMINATE could win an award for the best recorded drums in the grindcore history. It’s not just a hyper-fast dirty grind drumming but the clarity of all the cymbals played during a blast-beat tempo is just shocking-and there’s a good deal of cymbals on that record. Having put his sennheiser headphones on to enjoy the recording quality, Adolf had cranked the volume up and was instantly consumed by the job of the new drummer Sami, clarity of recorded instruments, and overall production.    ...the whole interview.

SPLITTER: Wilder Than Hell
SPLITTER21.05.07 · text: Martin & Sobi · pics: Tom
One stale rock proverb says: "Louder than hell". It would have to be changed to "Wilder than hell and faster than death" in the case of the Swedish grind core band called SPLITTER (how pertinent the name for this band) to describe their music and their new album "Avskräckande Exemplar". The album that literally hacked me to pieces (the whole review here). The interview for our webzine became a total must. So, we submit the following answers from the guitar player Niklas Holm and the singer Fredrik Thalberg that came back in a flash to you. It seems the band do not only play fast     ...the whole interview.

ASSASSIN: Thrash Infected!
ASSASSIN/Robert09.05.07 · text: Martin & Sobi · pics: Assassin
When I learned that the German thrash metal legend ASSASSIN would be playing at this year's OEF, I was very surprised, even shocked at this news. I used to listen to this band at the end of 80's and when no new material was later available, they have slowly disappeared for me from the musical map. Nevertheless, their first album "The Upcoming Terror" from 87 will always remain an unforgettable milestone in the thrash metal for me. The guitarist Michael Hoffmann was given a few blatant questions about ASSASSIN's past, the upcoming performance at the OEF, and the last album "The Club".     ...the whole interview.


Blackmails and Assholism

Due to the fact there is a significantly more extensive interview with Gulio turning around this DVD it would be superfluous to ask him
the whole article


Lyden Na

Aaaargh… Finally we have got here a new album from the mighty cult lunatics of BLOOD DUSTER after a longer time that is released
the whole interview

HELL Maniacs!

When Zizen tore the original editorial some time ago to shreds and I was forced to write it again I wrote basically the same with a little modification. Until now the situation has not changed much as the feeling inside is still unchangeable. Thus I will try to put together the facts that are essential for the future of our webfanzine, The Suffering.
It is really impossible to tell the direction it is going to take and how it is going to look like in several months with TS. If it is going to at all… Being a fan is a nice thing but it is understandable that our life as ordinary people brings other necessary priorities than a fanzine for a bunch of lunetics…
So this is also an answer to the questions why The Suffering has literally died for a half a year. I appologise for that on behalf of the whole team but it was not within our our power to harmonize everything so that we have time for our web. As a matter of fact we had first-hand experience of the well-known truth that it is much harder to maintain something than to create that.
Also we ourselves have to reduce our monumental ideas.
However, the first basic information is that we want to and are going to go on. Though it is going to be in a bit modified form but the positive should be a minimum up-to-dateness at least when less means more in the long run. We want to use the fact it is a webzine and add an MP3 player with bands we want to write about. The interviews will not be that extensive but there should much more of them decidedly… Definitely another positive thing for the readers in the end. It will not be such famous bands. There will appear more of the less known or unknown bands but alwas it will be first-class music for sure!
In any case we do not say no to bigger interviews. We just have to make it suite our possibilities…
As I wrote at the beginning it is hard to guess the direction the evolution is going to take due to all other circumstancies. However, we want to push this cart and progress.

Martin, 24.12.2007

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