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Blackmails and Assholism

24.12.2007      text:Martin

Due to the fact there is a significantly more extensive interview with Gulio turning around this DVD it would be superfluous to ask him some more questions for this section. Yet, again I did not want to do a classical review here. Thus I used several    ...the whole article


Lyden Na

24.12.2007      text: Martin

Aaaargh… Finally we have got here a new album from the mighty cult lunatics of BLOOD DUSTER after a longer time that is released at Obscene Production surprisingly. And the Australians did not scrimp but served us directly a double CD bringing a big portion of great    ...the whole interviews


Avskräckande Exemplar

7.5.2007      text: Martin

Though we are still several weeks away from the official release date this album has been bombing my ear drums for a day or two and destroying my CD-player. And I just have to write the new SPLITTER review at once as the album is great though I should have left this    ...the whole reviews

The five best albums of 2007 according to the editors of The Suffering zine:


"Avskrackande Exemplar"
Pig Destroyer
"Phantom Limb"
"Serpent Saints"
"Living Dead Stars"
"Svarta Dagar"


Rotting Christ
Nine Inch Nails
"Year Zero"
"The Apostasy"
"The Roundhouse Tapes"
Anaal Nathrakh
"Hell is Empty And All The Devils Are Here"


"Voices Of Omens"
"Given To The Rising"
The Black Dahlia Murder
Swallow The Sun

HELL Maniacs!

When Zizen tore the original editorial some time ago to shreds and I was forced to write it again I wrote basically the same with a little modification. Until now the situation has not changed much as the feeling inside is still unchangeable. Thus I will try to put together the facts that are essential for the future of our webfanzine, The Suffering.
It is really impossible to tell the direction it is going to take and how it is going to look like in several months with TS. If it is going to at all… Being a fan is a nice thing but it is understandable that our life as ordinary people brings other necessary priorities than a fanzine for a bunch of lunetics…

...the whole Editorial

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