HELL Maniacs!

When Zizen tore the original editorial some time ago to shreds and I was forced to write it again I wrote basically the same with a little modification. Until now the situation has not changed much as the feeling inside is still unchangeable. Thus I will try to put together the facts that are essential for the future of our webfanzine, The Suffering.
It is really impossible to tell the direction it is going to take and how it is going to look like in several months with TS. If it is going to at all… Being a fan is a nice thing but it is understandable that our life as ordinary people brings other necessary priorities than a fanzine for a bunch of lunetics…
So this is also an answer to the questions why The Suffering has literally died for a half a year. I appologise for that on behalf of the whole team but it was not within our power to harmonize everything so that we have time for our web. As a matter of fact we had first-hand experience of the well-known truth that it is much harder to maintain something than to create that.
Also we ourselves had to reduce our monumental ideas.
However, the first basic information is that we want to and are going to go on. Though it is going to be in a bit modified form but the positive should be a minimum up-to-dateness at least when less means more in the long run. We want to use the fact it is a webzine and add an MP3 player with bands we want to write about. The interviews will not be that extensive but there should be much more of them decidedly… Definitely another positive thing for the readers in the end. It will not be such famous bands. There will appear more of the less known or unknown bands but always it will be first-class music for sure!
In any case we do not say no to bigger interviews. We just have to make it suite our possibilities…
As I wrote at the beginning it is hard to guess the direction the evolution is going to take due to all other circumstancies. However, we want to push this cart and progress.

Martin, 24.12.2007

HELL Maniacs!

It may not have seemed so but it has been three months now since we set The Suffering in motion on web. How fast the time passes by!!! Though we are through the birth pang and gather experience we are still at the beginning. The first steps showed that the direction we are heading is the right one but they also made us slightly alter some of the visions and plans. No, do not be afraid, we are just learning by doing. Right from the beginning we want to thank all of you who had a look at this site or visit it regularly. Your multiple reactions support us in what we do. We cannot forget also those who were and are willing to help us. Thanks to you too. It would not be possible without you!

One of the facts that we realised right after putting the webzine in motion was that we will not be able to manage it with the current editorial staff. As Martin is more and more absorbed by the site maintanance itself the content burden is up to Áda more or less. As we still do not want to prefer quantity to quality new interviews and articles appear very slowly. In case of a web platform it is kind of a sin – I want to say it would be a fucking pity not to use the space as much as posssible. What do you think?

Sure, this is an appeal to you!

If there is anyone among you having a serious interest to take part in creation of The Suffering he/she is welcome! Just let us know – we will make it happen. The first such help is Čert whose contribution you will see soon.

You may have noticed that there appeared a new position in the menu – Autopsy. It is a column we did not originally count with at all due to time reasons. It has come out that we cannot not simply ignore reviews. And Čert seems to be the right person for that! For the time being the reviews will be found in the Czech version only. We do not think about translating that into English (maybe later).

That is why the web itself went through minor modification too. „Guest book“ was added to provide a space for your remarks and comments and we also created an editorial system for a more simple update of the site. Some other modifications are to come.

Regarding the content of The Suffering we are still catching up. Áda works on a pile of a new material so there is much you can be looking forward to. His second daughter was born on 16th February (Warmest Congratulation – We still have to celebrate it properly !!!; remark by Thirst) so he is quite busy these days. Martin does not idle around either... Well, we will see. However, I can let you know there are such smashers waiting for you as interviews with Napalm Death, Gorefest or Rotten Sound!

Hope the above will be enough to make you visit the site again and keep us in your favour. Thanks a lot for your support.

Keep on rotting folks!!!

Zizen, 20.02.2007

Finally it is here! The Suffering is back! Actually we did not get into such a big slippage as it seemed to be one month ago. It looked as if we were going to get into a nice shit but that is behind us. The originally defined deadline was exceeded by one month which is a miracle taking our conditions into account. I am talking rather about putting the web into operation and running it. This is not the final design of the site. We count with the fact to refine the graphical appearance including some animation etc. We plan to establish RSS channels for the collection of latest releases but it is really the music of future. Let us hope not a very far one. Anyway, running the web is not influenced by that. It should work to your full satisfaction. A worse situation is regarding the content of the site. It is not that we do not have enough material. Definitely not! The true reason is we are not able to process it(that is why we are publishing an article about OEF 2006 which, frankly, is not quite finished). The whole burden regarding the content is more or less dependant only upon Ada who does all the interviews and the slippage is multiplied also by the The Suffering being prepared in an English version. In any case what you can expect to find here will be described in the editorial by Ada himself. You will find there some more information about why and how the cadaver The Suffering arises from the dark past.

Martin, 21.11.2006

I am not sure to what extent the idea to resurrect The SUFFERING is a momentary breakdown of my moved mind or a long term growing feeling of something inevitable. Anyhow, the idea of its rebirth has somehow emerged. Early this Sunday morning just before I had abandoned any hopes of getting some rest, I was given the final impulse to make an attempt to bloody well tackle the problem. Although I feel in the back of my mind an uncertainty, I am willing & mentally prepared to approach its reincarnation. It is hard to restrain my feelings of satisfaction when, after so many years, The Suffering still enjoys cult status. It is a legend after production of only 2 editions.

The real cause is rather a feeling of debt. I think The SUFFERING deserved a better end than it had. I do not want to l back but it was not very good for me at the time. It is still a mystery to me why the 3rd completed and ready to be published issue which would have moved The SUFFERING significantly further was never released. I personally consider this one of my biggest failures. I do not want to piss onto an old grave, Mea Culpa! Curby started to work on his own cult obscene label and Ada was getting ready for his studies overseas. Editorship stayed in my shaking hands & like a carcass on the road The SUFFERING died in a undignified way. Its resurrection is possibly not going to change the way I feel about it. The past cannot be undone.

The rebirth of this cadaver may bring something we cynically deprived it of.It is not going to be easy. I face it as a debt that needs to be paid. Or just given a fucking try. We may experience its regular burial and the usual "Rest In Peace".. With no feeling of guilt, vanity, autodestruction or profanity.

So, one Sunday morning I am scratching my editorial in my Grandmother’s back whilst listening to the sound of my beloved Carcass, I am writing the first lines of the new SUFFERING not knowing the course it is going to take.



Ada, Martin, Zizen

Ada, Martin, Čert, Sobi, Zízen, Mazzy, Jonda, Čurby, Alec

Ada, Sobi


Tom, Bart




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