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24.12.2007      text: Martin

Due to the fact there is a significantly more extensive interview with Gulio turning around this DVD it would be superfluous to ask him some more questions for this section. Yet, again I did not want to do a classical review here. Thus I used several comments from CRIPPLE BASTARDS 2xDVD behind the scenes: the making of a madness that will serve that purpose equally well....

Honestly, I almost gave up the belief that this DVD would ever be released. The constant delays have become an evergreen of Obscene Productions during the years…

The first thing I usually answer when somebody ask me about video-editing and what it takes to work on something like the double Cripple Bastards DVD is “just don’t do it, forget it, stay away”. Bands or whoever, if you care about your nerve’s health this is a one-way-ticket to a literally waste of all your enthusiasm and the good will you might have. It took us 3 years and a half, and a monstrous effort in terms of time, patience and money. I should better give up at the start to concentrate in making new CB music; we would easily have putted out 2 more albums in that same quantity of time.

In spite of all the doubts I was holding this DVD in my hand shortly after the official release and must definitely say it was worth waiting for. Both the dicsc together contain indeed an amazing portion of recording…

Everything started in 2003 when, after checking different video shots from our show at that annual Obscene Extreme fest, we thought it would be awesome to release it on a video, we deserved it anyways. I informed Curby about it and the inevitable (and fatal) purpose that quickly followed was to add some extras as far as CB is a long time running act, so a full DVD also deserved to include stuff tracing the band’s career from the start to the current days… the idea evolved in a complete scheme of making a CB anthological DVD including interviews with the actual and former members plus a sort of videochronology documenting our life as a band through the years.

The result is an unbelievably detailed and professional video history showing CRIPPLE BASTARDS with an incredible openness from the early beginnings until the present time. It is absolutely clear this DVD could not be created without an enormous personal care, interest and enthusiasm…

I basically completed my strain for “Blackmails and assholism”, which, apart of being a great video documentary of my band and a great project that came to light and has no equals in its kind… it’s also the video history of 20 years of my life – so I somehow felt that when I’ll be dead, this DVD will be piled in the DVD collection of a real friend, and it will be the best gravestone I could wish.

Cripple Bastards

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